My background

 From the world of technology to a world of colors, I discovered my love for painting accidentally. I learned to paint and soon was churning out paintings by the week! I explored many styles and types of paintings. The theme remains the same - Colors are awesome and painting is cool.


My Medium

 Acrylics are my style, freehand is my forte. That being said, I use other techniques such as pour painting, palette knife, and dotism (a.k.a pointillism) too. I have done a mural too. Check out my gallery for a collection of artwork.


my inspiration

 Definitely, the wild Washington. The mountains around Seattle offer me the first hand joy that I try transferring to my paintings. I enjoy hiking in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature. Most of my paintings are inspired from The Art Sherpa, Ginger Cook, Color by Feliks, Jane Font & Acrylic Painting for Everyone and Palette knife painting tutorials. I like brushless painting with a twist